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What are the accepted means of payment?

Payment for your order is 100% secure by credit card or PayPal.

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Maintenance tips

All my jewels are made with the greatest care whether they are worn every day or occasionally, these are pieces that require special attention to preserve all their beauty over the years. Depending on the pH (acidity) of your skin, the friction, the care taken, the gold layer will deteriorate more or less quickly. Sometimes costume jewelry can leave a green or blue trace of oxidation on our skin. Especially if your perspiration is a bit acidic. You can then clean your jewel and rub it gently with a little diluted lemon juice, then let it dry. Some natural stones can also acquire a patina more quickly on contact with your skin (and depending on your pH), particularly mother-of-pearl. The maintenance of the jewel avoids all these inconveniences.

I invite you to read these tips carefully.

  1. Wear them regularly to slow down their natural oxidation.

  2. Remove the fronts, any activity likely to damage them sport, swimming pool, beach, gardening, DIY.

  3. Avoid contact with water, perfume and more corrosive products. hydroalcoholic gel

  4. Be sure to store your jewelry individually in a dry place away from light.

The maintenance of fine stones

IT is necessary to pamper your jewelry with fine stones

you wear them maybe every day or occasionally

you like their colors the energy they provide to your touch.

gemstone jewelry absorbs your emotions and vibrations like a sponge.

it is necessary to purify them regularly and recharge them with good energies to take full advantage of their benefits.

for jewelry, cleaning is just more delicate because your jewelry is made up of a chain, charm, medal, it is therefore advisable to humiliate a soft cloth with spring water, then gently rub the fine stones

the purpose of this action is to discharge them of all the stored energies

when you expose your stones on a full moon evening, the energy charge is much more effective, please place them sufficiently sheltered from humidity, especially if they are placed outside 

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